Daily Skin Cream / 24 Hour Hydration

Daily Skin Cream / 24 Hour Hydration

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Plant Oils + Botanical Fats = 24 Hours Support 
3 years of development under strict regulations.

Comparable to an “anti-aging” cream sold at Nordstroms for $65.


Multi-benefit, full-body cream. Formulated to allow maximum absorption and cellular hydration. Repair and restore vital skin function all day long with a light application.

HLP & VANILLA OAT | Now Available


  • HLP // Sweet Tobacco Flower
    One of, if not the most popular ILS aroma’s from the vault of oils. Grown in Virginia, we source a unique species of the tobacco plant that produces a sweet, musky flower once every two years! After harvesting this flower, we delicately press the bio-mass and blend up our famous HLP oil.
    (this oil does not contain any harmful nicotine & is safe for full body application)

  • Vanilla Oatmeal
    A true classic but, crated the Iron Lion way. This rich Vanilla Oatmeal blend is made using simple ingredients to conjure up amazing results. With pure Madagascar, Vanilla Bean Oil and the purest water infused with Organic Steel Rolled Oats, the aroma is sweet but subtle.

  • T2Lyptus
    The ever-famous duo, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. This blend is recognized and highly applied for its power and various uses. In our Skin Cream this formula is made to keep your pores tight, klean, and smelling amazing all day long. With our signature Tea Tree and powerful Eucalyptus this might be what you've been missing.


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