5 of the RAREST full-size formulas from the ILS vault.

highly specialized formulas are only hitting the shelf in full-size bars for one time only

Fruit Fart

There was really nothing else we could call this thing - your nose will know.

It's a Fruit Fart because the aroma journey begins with Barriers that is sharply followed by Kiwi, Mango, and a hint of Vanilla. Topped off with Poppy Seeds for a smooth and gentle exfoliation.

Voted "#1 craziest smelling formula" we have ever made.

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Aged Sandalwood

We made a mistake and "lost" some really expensive oil, then we found It again.

Stored in an airtight amber glass growler, this ultra-pure Sandalwood Oil was left in a box and forgotten about only to become extremely special. Top notes of a soft and powdery floral aroma lightly scented with a Vanilla Bean Oil - with a dark yet bright sweet Sandalwood.

We could go on and on about how good this one is or, grab some before it sells out.

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Straight from its place of origin. An instantly recognizable profile with the ILS twist.

We reversed this blend and recreated it using nature’s finest aromas: Juniper, Patchouli, Vanilla, Rose, Geranium, and Jasmine. Also included in this formula are Annatto Powder and pulverized Black Walnut for that elegant finish.

You'll understand what we mean the moment your water hits this bar!

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Cherry Almond Aloe

Sweet however tremendously subtle. Light and powerful all at once.

A slow-grown American Cherry is grown in the south USA and a California Almond meets in a river of pure Aloe Vera to hit you with a combo you might precisely recognize. Two special methods of distillation to achieve something unique.

Take a dive in this Aloe river of sweet Cherries and Almond.

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Hippie Hugg

Not what you would expect from a name like this, however it's the best way to explain this mash of aromas.

This aromatic journey begins with a sweet sweet Geranium flower and an ever-so-slight hint of Jasmine. Then a deep dark bark comes in carrying a soft and powerful Patchouli.

It's like a walk in the most peaceful garden while your mind wanders somewhere far and klean. 

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