Year-of-Suds Raffle

Year-of-Suds Raffle

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Want to win a year's worth of soap? 

Then you have arrived at the right place - all you have to do is purchase a raffle ticket to be entered to win. 

Here are the details:

- $8 buys an entry (limited to 5 per person)
- One 1st Place Prize: One Year Worth of Soap Bars
- Two 2nd Place Prizes: $100 ILS Gift Card
- Three 3rd Place Prizes: 3 Free Full Size Bars

You have 6 prizes up for grabs, with up to 5 entries per person giving you 1 in 22 chance of winning! Tell ya momma' to play.

Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Note:
  • Limited To 110 Entries In Total.
  • Cut Off Day is 12.21.21 @ 1:00am
  • Winner Announced Publicly on 12.23.21

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