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You aren't still showering with the same soap you always have, right?

Rather than continuing to destroy your body’s one and only outer protection, why not keep your skin healthy with our all-natural, organic, handcrafted bars of perfection!

(Plus, they’ll leave you feeling great and smelling greater all day long)

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The OG 8 collection are formulas that have transformed the skin of many over the last 15 years. Check out the OG's here.

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Iron Lion Soap empowers you to transform your shower experience and unleash your full potential. It all begins with the simple act of using our soap.

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All Natural

Cold Process

No Harsh Chemicals

100% Plant Based

Long Lasting

Instant Results

Enjoyable Experience

All Time Best Sellers

A.S.K Single Bar Iron Lion Soap
A.S.K Single Bar Iron Lion Soap


Spearmint Spirulina
HLP Single Bar Iron Lion Soap
HLP Single Bar Iron Lion Soap


Sweet Tobacco Flower
Super Popular This Month
4Theives Blend Single Bar Iron Lion Soap
4Theives Blend Single Bar Iron Lion Soap

4Thieves Blend

Lemon Clove Cinnamon
Orange Hibiscus Single Bar Iron Lion Soap

Orange Hibiscus

Naval Orange Hibiscus Flower
KoLD Single Bar Iron Lion Soap
KoLD Single Bar Iron Lion Soap


Fir Poppy Spirulina

What The People Are Saying

amazing and healing

I had a random rash for months that just showed up out of the blue. So I bought this to see if it would help. After using this for only 10 days the rash completely disappeared. The scent is so fresh and it makes my whole shower smell super minty. I will definitely be buying more soaps in the future ☺️☺️
Shopper name: Elizabeth J.

greatest tool to assist my soap

love the aesthetic of this wooden soap tray and my soap does so wonderful looking nice rested on it once im done using it lol!
Shopper name: Juan B.

Awesome Bombs!

These bath bombs are so moisturizing! They have great fragrance without being overpowering. They also don’t leave the nasty film on your tub like other BB’s do! Highly recommend
Shopper name: Ericka F.

Pure clean

I am amazed how clean and revitalized my skin feels because of these products. My second order is about to be made because I found out my wife is using it too. Guess I need twice as much now 💯🤙

Shopper name: Jim F.

By far the BEST!!!!!

This is by far the best bar soap I have ever used in my life and I truly mean that!! This is the only bar I have used so far but I’m already obsessed! The smell is not only amazing but it makes my skin EXTREMELY soft! I will forever be an obsessed customer!
Shopper name: Bridgette T.

A Super-Healing Shower

We’re sure you’re fed up with these mainstream brands, throwing so many irritants in their products that you can’t even name.

How can it even be called soap?

We’re the alternative.

Tame that stubborn acne and oily, frustratingly irritated skin.

Fight off harmful fungus and bacteria, all while feeling and smelling amazing.

The Highest Quality Shower Experience Iron Lion Soap

Your routine, turned ritual!

Skin Cream - Soap Saver Bag - Room Spray & more

All the things you need when you step out of the shower.

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