The Arsenal 3.0 Bundle Iron Lion Soap

People before products.

Iron Lion Soap is a brand that helps you enjoy daily life through investing in yourself with products, education, and an ethos that makes it easier to get started and stay conscious.


Whether you've been showering with us for ten years, or ten days, we do our best to make you feel like family.
The Arsenal 3.0 Bundle Iron Lion Soap

What Were About

Handmade in small batches using 100% plant-based ingredients you know and can pronounce, you won't find a better product to keep you klean!

If you are aware of the chemicals in store-bought soaps and looking for a handcrafted solution to a massive problem, we have you covered. If you are looking for the toughest all-natural antifungal, anti-bacterial suds, we have you covered.

Meet the team (from avi's perspective)

Avi Rubin - CEO & Soap Wizard

blah, blah, blah. No one cares right?

You have probably heard enough about me and from me at this point.

Dread-headed, father, husband, and dog dad who loves nature and the human mind.

Duran Salazar - Chief Oblivion Overseer

Who knew that running a "soap company" would actually be so involved?

Duran not only started out as my roommate a lifetime ago, but he has also always suggested some magical, impactful change for the business - by chance.

Now far from a hobby when we first met, DS is my second brain and the reason we are able to evolve into the king of the jungle we are becoming.

Audrey Salazar - Marketing Officer

Far from a social media chick and nowhere near a marketing officer, we have no idea what to label this marketing genius.

Yes, she is Duran's wife, Victor's friend, and stickler for details but also incredibly focused on growth and up to date with all things internet.

Audrey somehow has figured out how to not only read my mind but also make sense of every single.crazy idea I can come up with.

Brittany Ramirez - Warehouse Manager

We would be in shambles without Brittany. She is the glue.

The boots on the ground. The last person at ILS to touch your suds before arriving at your house - the reason your soap arrives on time with great care and some extra goodies is this lady doing.

We all need a BR in our life!

Find ya self one!

Victor Hernandez - Visionary Visual Director

You've heard of Steven Spielberg, right?

Well, now you are hearing about VH - we are so fortunate to have this man heading the creative vision of ILS.

With talents beyond words in the English language and a mind as wild as you can imagine, this man is the reason ILS looks the same way it makes you feel. AMAZING.

Colleen Cabral - Affiliate Marketing Liaison

We are a small team with an ever-growing family.

And as this family of customers, friends, and community grows - in true ILS fashion we want to make sure you feel our love.

Colleen is a direct extension of what it feels like to be "a part of the team." Enthusiastic, creative, and driven to create she's your bridge to the world of ILS.

Evelyn Ramirez - Production Assistant

You know those moments when you wished you had an extra pair of hands?

Evelyn is far from simply an "extra set of hands". Once upon a time she came to The Den with her sister to help on a project.

It was then we noticed her incredible attention to detail and massive amount of care she puts in everything she does.

Iliana Rubin - The Queen of Klean

Not only does she have my back at home and allows me to focus so much energy and attention here at ILS.

She is raising my firstborn and contributing to so many ideas you guys have yet to see.

She is bringing the female touch to Iron Lion Soap, thank her later!

Nacho Gutierrez - The OD "Original Designer"

I always ask " how did we get ourselves here?" 9 out of 10 times Nacho and I are working together.

An incredible rivalry turned friendship that has evolved into an integral piece of the ILS machine. Graphic Design, Illustration, Doodles, Packaging - you name it, and Nacho nails it!