The Missing Piece For Your Shower

A perfect shampoo and conditioner combo
Ingredients You Know
Sustainable Packaging
Never Animal Tested

Take care of your skin, and your skin will take care of you.

Soothe irritation on your skin using the power of plants.

Keep your skin healthy with carefully selected single-source essential oils, smell and feel great all day long. Small batch, all-natural, organic, and handmade with you in mind.

You won't find a better product to keep you klean! 


Redefine Your Showering Ritual

Fewer toxic chemicals?
How about ZERO!
There is nothing artificial about Iron Lion Soap, and we are proud to provide you with that peace of mind.

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Your routine, turned ritual!

Out Da Shower Collection

Featuring your favorite formula of our ultra-exotic Skin Cream, a Real Klean Sweet Tobacco Candle and our Klean Champaka Vicinity Spray.

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Deep Earth Hair & Body Care Collection

Our Shampoo & Condtioner are here!

We've unearthed something special. An invigorating full-body experience formulated to nourish, hydrate and replenish.

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subscription of organic plant based soaps made with natural ingredients from the earth

Klean with Intention


A membership to the ultimate soap.

It might take one shower, it might take three, but once you know that Iron Lion Soap is right for you, going back to regular soap is out of the question.

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The Alternative, A Shower Worth Taking

No more stubborn acne. Tame oily and frustrating skin. Fight and fend off fungus and bacteria. Smell and feel amazing all day long.*

Soap's Been Around For A Long Time
We Are Not Doing Anything New

We encourage a healthy body and mind starting with your skin - the first line of protection from infection and disease.

Once you have tried our products and experienced the klean feeling, you'll never use store bought soap again.

Real people making real klean soap.

What People Are Saying

Our entire household uses nothing else. This is it. At the sink, in the kitchen, in every bathroom and shower. Iron Lion is the best!

Mariah S.

...My skin has never felt this good. After all these years, I finally found my perfect soap.

Savannah Q.

I smell great all day long and feel so excited to shower with this stuff every single time.

Jordan F.

My husband loves it. The kids love it and I love it. Not only does the soap work but it is safe for the whole house!

Cindy L.

This is not just soap, this stuff changed me. My whole life has improved from the simple upgrade of soap. Smells amazing too. Love it.

- Yazmin O.