Iron Lion Soap: The Alternative

Iron Lion Soap's all-natural, cold processed, handmade bars of soap nestled in a mountainside.

When selecting a bar of soap, it's important that you are wary of any artificial or harsh chemicals on the label. 

Did you know that many soaps on the market today contain extremely nasty ingredients that run the risk of stripping the good stuff from your body? 

As a general rule of thumb, if the ingredients are hard to pronounce, then you shouldn't be using the product on your skin. 

At Iron Lion Soap, we believe in retaining the natural oils on the body and maintaining soft, clean skin all year round. We craft all of our bars using the cold process method, which allows us to control the efficacy of each formula. 

If you switch to using our bars then you will surely reap the benefits! Keep it natural, keep it Klean. 

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