Keeping Your Skin Klean

Keeping Your Skin Klean

Gone are the days when shower time was merely greeted with pouring water on your body, lathering your body, rinsing off, and heading out within a few minutes. With how busy the world we live in is, people are looking for ways to unwind and relieve themselves of stress. Shower time has changed. Showering with a high-quality bar soap may be the therapy you need. 

It is a period that one basks in luxury and breathes in fresh scents. This is the time when you want to pamper your skin, let your hair down and have your imagination run free. 

It is an era where you want to bring forth the childlike part of your existence. Who doesn't miss that aspect? Every adult loves to think about that epoch when they were kids, dancing around carefree and free of any problem. 

At Iron Lion Soap, we believe in retaining the natural oils on the body and maintaining soft, clean skin all year round. We craft all of our bars using the cold process method, which allows us to control the efficacy of each formula.  

Iron Lion Soap is formulated to heighten your senses, keep you Klean & protected. Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and all natural our soaps are crafted in small batches for maximum efficacy and to closely control our high-quality ingredients. No preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no chemical compounds, nothing! Just pure, natural ingredients from our earth. If you switch to using our bars then you will surely reap the benefits! Keep it natural, keep it Klean.  

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