Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

Yo, Yo, Yo it's... Avi from Iron Lion Soap. 
I wanted to take a second to get real with you, who would I be if I preached about the importance of your shower and the "ritual" of it, if I didn't do the same? Our rituals make us who we are. The way you make the bed, the time of day you shower, how you treat those around you. It's these little things that make the difference of your everyday. 

 Revisiting the archive for inspiration, surrounding myself with family, making my daily tea, and enjoying a fresh pressed juice - these are the little pieces of my daily ritual that help me tune in to my optimal self.

 Without these little things, these rituals, we fall victim to going through the motions and missing out on what makes our lives special.

 If you're anything like me, when you are doing things with purpose and intention from the right place, driven by love and compassion, there is a lot of magic that can happen in-between. 

 However, you will only see it if you are looking for it.  We're the alternative to store-bought soap for a reason. It's not just our small batch, all-natural products that make us different, it's our big heart in everything we do. 

 How we do this "soap" thing is unlike any other - to say that we are a soap company would be a mockery of the people that built Iron Lion Soap.  

 YOU are who created this - decentralized before that was a trend, giving back to the community that built us and always keeping it real.
 When you choose to shower with Iron Lion Soap, you are choosing to be a catalyst for change.

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