Meet the OG 8

Meet the OG 8

These aren't just five bars of soap. These were the first five...
The start to a great day or the cherry on top of an excellent night. All-natural formulas that work together to naturally heal, replenish and leave you smelling fresh. Made with ingredients that are known to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and all-natural always, our soaps are crafted in small batches for maximum efficacy. 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and how you take care of it matters. That care starts from the moment you choose what to shower with.

You know the saying...what you put on your skin, goes in your body! Using only the highest quality ingredients and handcrafted with love we offer soaps that your skin will appreciate.

Showering with all-natural Iron Lion Soap will replenish vital nutrients, minerals and oils while supplying you the most enjoyable aromatic experience.

At Iron Lion Soap you are literally getting klean with all-natural ingredients that feed your body and stimulate the mind.

All of our soaps are formulated to protect your skins natural pH balance and replenish vitamins and nutrients that are lost throughout the day. 

Our line-up of formulas, aka the OG8, are created for solutions. Dryness? Redness? Irritation? Saggy Skin? Acne? Eczema? You name it, we've seen it.

We've scoured Mother Earth to find the highest quality of ingredients that when formulated properly work together to elevate your shower experience. You'll finally find what your skin has been looking for when you shower with us.


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