What's In Our Soaps?

What's In Our Soaps?

We firmly believe in harnessing the healing power of Mother Earth. It's not a secret (anymore) that plants and herbs are useful and proven to have healing benefits, both internally and topically.  

However, not all plants and herbs are the same, equally nutrient dense and not all of the plants beneficial and active constitutes are extracted correctly. 

Peppermint and Tea Tree require a different extraction method from Coconut and Patchouli while our Olive Oil and Shea need a separate process to remove their unique attributes.

Handmade in small batches using 100% plant-based ingredients you know and can pronounce with results that you can see and feel, instantly. 

No more stubborn acne. Tame oily and frustrating skin. Fight and fend off fungus and bacteria. Smell and feel amazing all day long.

No preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no chemical compounds, nothing! Just pure, natural ingredients from our earth.

Expeller press, steam distillation, single source, warming variations, straining methods - tons of nuances that make all the difference in the extracts containing the actives, or not, and their ability to perform with your skin. 

When we say we take this skin care stuff seriously, we mean it! We've put in the countless hours of work to ensure that you can shower with peace of mind. 

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