Love Yourself, Love Your Skin

An all-natural soap bar made with Aloe Vera and Rhassoul Clay placed on a succulent leaf in the shade.

What's your relationship with your body odor? If it's not love at first sniff, you're missing out.

Truth is, we all sweat, and we all smell, to some extent. At its core, your body odor is a super valuable way your body communicates with you. 

Think of it as a love language through smells. When your body begins to emit unusual odors, it's trying to tell you something. Maybe it's stress or diet-related, or maybe it's something even deeper.

Loving yourself, and your skin means cultivating a healthy relationship with your body. How it smells, how it reacts and what products go in it. 

At ILS, we believe that showering with a high-quality bar of soap is self-care at its f finest. Our anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and always all-natural ingredients are made to provide you with the freshness that you and your skin deserve.

Start loving yourself, and your skin a little bit more, and come shower with us.  

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