Preparing Your Skin for Spring Part II

A stack of all-natural bars of soap made with dragon's blood sitting on top of a log overlooking a sun kissed lake set in a desert valley.

Your skin is craving change.

After a long winter, skin can become dull and ashy as dead and damaged cells build up on the surface.

Switching to a bar that is equal parts exfoliating and hydrating will help to remove the build up of dead skin cells while moisturizing the new layer of skin coming to the surface. 

One of our favorite bars to use during this transition from winter to spring is our Orange Cedar Patchouli bar, aka SP. 

Derived from the resin of the Drago Tree, Dragon's Blood is a unique and aromatic addition to the orange oil, cedar, sandalwood, and hemp found in this formula.

Dragon's Blood is loaded with antioxidants that are known to deeply moisturize, promote cell renewal and boost collagen production which is exactly what your skin needs during this seasonal transition. 

When used in the shower and applied directly to the skin, all of these all-natural, from the earth ingredients work together to help your skin shed its winter coat and will leave you feeling silky smooth.

Keep it Klean and Come Shower with Us this Spring. 

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