A bar of all-natural, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial soap from Iron Lion Soap placed on a rock near a garden bed.
- Avi

What to Expect: Changes in the Skin from Switching

Feb 23, 2023

The difference between showering with ILS and a commercially manufactured bar IS THE experience. 

Once you make the transition over to natural soap, your skin will likely go through a detox period expelling all the harmful ingredients found in store-bought soaps. 

You might feel dry. You might feel itchy or your skin might overproduce its natural oils. 

During this stage, feel free to re-moisturize with a light coconut oil or shea butter application right after the shower. 

For some, this might only last 2-3 showers, but for others, it can last up to three weeks.

Breathe. Don’t worry, this is all part of the detox and the transformation of your skin. 

Think back to all the years of abuse that you have put your skin through. All the stress, sun damage, environmental irritants and not to mention the harmful ingredients found in store-bought soaps.

It’s okay, we forgive you and your skin will too! 

Once you (and your skin) have acclimated to the natural, plant-based ingredients that make up the ILS bars you will wonder how you ever showered without us! 

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