Your routine, turned ritual!

Out Da Shower Collection

Featuring your favorite formula of our ultra-exotic Skin Cream, a Real Klean Sweet Tobacco Candle and our Klean Champaka Vicinity Spray.

Locally Made

Klean Candles

Made with a specific blend of all-natural oils and ingredients, this collection is formulated to be calming, grounding & help reduce stress.

Klean Champaka Vicinity Spray

*spritz* *spritz*

Environment Enhanced
We reverse-engineered a popular blend and recreated it using nature’s finest aromas: Juniper, Patchouli, Vanilla, Rose, Geranium, and Jasmine.

Grab Yours Now

Our love for keeping your daily rituals klean and sacred is at the heart of this collection. We're so excited to re-introduce a truly amazing aromatic experience outside of your shower.

Nourishment your skin deserves.

8oz Skin Cream

We spent 3 years and hundreds of application tests developing our Skin Cream because nothing was "wowing" us.

You've waited long enough. Don't start or end your day without these necessities any longer.

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