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Preparing Your Skin for Spring Part I
Longer days and warmer weather are on the horizon which can only mean one thing, Winter is over.Sure, losing an hour sucks, but your showers are still a coveted time where you can refresh or unwind. With every season change, so...
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New R&D Dropping!
New R&D Boxes are on the way, but first, we have something even MORE exclusive for ya. We're dropping 5 full size formulas from the vault on March 17.Due to cost, ingredient rarities and the difficulty of production, these 5 formulas...
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What to Expect: Changes in the Skin from Switching
The difference between showering with ILS and a commercially manufactured bar IS THE experience. Once you make the transition over to natural soap, your skin will likely go through a detox period expelling all the harmful ingredients found in store-bought soaps. You...
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