The Klean Kit Bundle Iron Lion Soap
The Klean Kit Bundle Iron Lion Soap
The Klean Kit Bundle Iron Lion Soap

The Klean Kit

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  • All Natural & Plant Based
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Introducing the SPRING KLEAN bundle - the ultimate solution to freshen up your skin as the weather gets warmer.

We understand that every individual's skin is unique, but there's no denying that we could all use extra care and support during seasonal transitions.

Say goodbye to toxins and hello to glowing, healthy skin with our carefully curated bundle. The SPRING KLEAN bundle is designed to help your skin perform optimally by providing the extra nourishment it needs.

Our HLP Skin Cream is perfect for post-shower or pre-sleep moisturizing, no matter what your routine may be. This cream will hydrate your skin and leave it feeling smooth and supple.

For maximum in-shower hydration, we've included an HLP bar, along with our invigorating MINT SKRUB bar to help remove dead skin and surface grime.

And let's not forget our glorious ORANGE HIBISCUS bar, packed with all the essential nutrients and minerals your skin needs to thrive.

To make sure you get the most out of your bundle, we're also including a SOAP SAVER BAG. This bag will extend the life of your bars while giving you that extra exfoliation your skin craves.

Don't wait - order now and get ready to glow!

  • 1x HLP Skin Cream
  • 1x HLP Bar
  • 1x Mint Skrub Bar
  • 1x Orange Hibiscus
  • 1x Soap Saver


100% All Natural Always. We use nothing but the cleanest, most wholesome plant-based ingredients to deliver an exceptional shower experience, you'll come to love time and time again.

Ingredients You Know

There is nothing inside, that isn't good for you and good for the earth. Simple and unique parts of the earth that are easy to pronounce and you've likely heard of before.

Intelligent Packaging

Hand Stamped, Post Consumer Recycled Kraft. Nothing fancy or unnecessary - all the information you need with some extra flavor. It's what's inside that matters anyways!

Its All From Mother Nature

Your Skin WANTS This

No, Really. Your Skin Knows What To Do

Using 100% plant based ingredients means that your skin is ready to accept it and use it to your benefit.

It's Not Up To Us

We Make Soap The Slow Way

Not rushing the old school time tested processes allows us to retain all the oils, minerals and fats to keep your skin in tip-top-shape!

Good For Us All

Eco Friendly. Shower Safe. Skin Satisfying.

We tried to hit all the marks with our suds. Its not only safe for the planet, its incredibly good for you!

We use the soap we make. So do our friends, coworkers, buddies, moms, dads, brothers and sisters along with their friends & so on & so on.
Our obsession began when we searched high and low for an honest, natural, high-quality bar of soap but the hunt ended quickly when nothing on the market met our needs or standards. Fast forward nearly 13 years, and Iron Lion Soap is still here providing you with acne eliminating, skin clearing, moisturizing products made with care and attention to detail.

Experience klean like no other and come shower with us!